BONUS: Cover Reveal

Oh ma gerd. Ohmagerd, OHMAGERD.

Just looking at this makes me feel like a real writer. A big thank you goes out to this talented and dedicated graphic designer, Cissy Russell –otherwise known to me, yes, as Mom. I’m not ashamed.


The best part is, without a doubt, the severed head in Aurian’s hand, and the displeased expression on its face. Will anyone see this cover large enough, ever, to notice it? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s THERE. And then there’s that crappy-looking sword (which is, indeed, magical. AND shit as a sword. I mean, what do you expect, from mages? The closest they ever came to personal combat was mobbing a guy who sang the last verse of ‘My Bonnie Wee Lassie Alight in Her Cups’ out of tune. And when somebody told them they’d need a smithy to forge a magical weapon, they said: “well, there are plenty of Smiths. I’m sure, if we borrow a phone book, we can find a Smithy or two as well.”)

For the two or three of you who’ve expressed curiosity, here’s what I’ve got for my bookblurb so far:

Aurian Koch, professional innkeeper, has a pretty easy life. He drinks beer with the necromancers down the road, scrubs tabletops, swabs glasses, and robs bandits. In the company of his wife, the mysterious ex-soldier Jin Grewler, he’s–well, maybe not respected. Maybe tolerated is the right word.

Things change when Jin’s past comes to call in the form of a Bonedancer, fighting scourge of the Imperial South. Before they know it, Aurian and Jin are burning their inn and running for the woods to flee from the consequences of whatever the hell it is Jin has done this time.

But what has Jin done? As they flee, Aurian begins to realize there’s more to the story–and to his wife–than simple crime. Their choices will affect not only their own fortunes, but the fortunes of the entire Imperial South.

TAGLINE: A novel about magic, the nature of power, and a disembodied head with a lovely singing voice.

Mrf. Mrfphlfrrhurr. IT IS DONE. I’m a real girl now.

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