State of the Union

Okay, guys. Let me explain to you why there is no writing post up yet.

I am pretty sick. My throat is on fire. I am typing this, painstakingly, after paying several very expensive bills all at once, on my Kindle touchscreen keyboard, because the regular clackity-clack keyboard I use to write and such things was drowned last time it rained. I have thirty bucks in my pocket until payday. Which is, by the way, NOT this Friday. I have a headache. And my fucking phone just died.

Jesus Caribbean-cruising Christ, but this is not my week.

So, Writing Wednesday might become Thematically Appropriate Thursday this week. Anything I popped out for you today would be mostly bitching, and nobody wants that. And no, touchscreen keyboard, I absolutely NEVER mean ‘ducking’. Like, never.

I’m going to go eat my ramen and grouse now.

2 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. Never had Grouse with ramen. I’d imagine it tastes like pheasant, which I would imagine tastes like chicken, since I haven’t had either of the two. Hope you’re feeling better now. I’ve been in a place of pain, myself, but for a different reason.

    1. Ramen mostly just tastes like sadness and the bottom strata of the change jar to me. 😦

      Hope you’re doing better too. Hope the diabeetus Isn’t getting you down.

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