Writing Plans for 2015

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What’s Up With Me

Well, it’s January. Ish. And it’s therefore a New Year. Ish. So this is the part, I think, where I have to sit down and tell you guys What’s Up With Me. Because you’re curious. And you loved Aurian and Jin. And you want the other two books so bad. So. Bad.

And it’ll happen.

At some point.

Here’re my publishing plans for 2015:

1) Never publish anything that close to the holidays again. Ever, ever.

You heard me. This Christmas was crazy, and I felt I didn’t have the time to devote to my marginalia I would’ve liked to have (thus promoting it, I suppose, to what? Majoralia? Why not.)

Therefore, Little Bird, the sequel to Aurian and Jin, will be coming out September 15th, 2015. (See how all those numbers are divisible by three? That’s because I’m a little obsessive-compulsive. But, you know.) You guys’ll like it. It has a male princess, a guy with a pegleg, and more Jin antics than you can shake a stick at (which I wouldn’t recommend doing, as Jin would probably take the stick out of your hand and stab you with it). Cheerful violence! Well-meaning but morally bankrupt individuals! Future-farting mages! Hurrah!



My novella The King’s Might, which I am editing the fuck out of even as we type, will also be available on Amazon, come July, for ninety-nine cents. Because I ROLL like that. And I love a challenge. And, even though it’s something I wrote a while ago, it still ranks pretty high as one of the best things I’ve written.

The King’s Might is the story of Jalith, Northborn heir apparent to the Souchladil throne of Averdan. He’s a very sweet-tempered and stable young person, which is unusual for me, because stable isn’t something I know very much about. When Jalith accidentally (and brutally) injures a couple of the King’s men, he’s sent out to take Census in exile, with only his friend Alair, Seventeenth Prince of the realm, for company. Naturally, he begins to run into trouble almost as soon as he leaves the palace gates–and the more trouble he runs into, the more he begins to realize his place in the world is far grander than he ever cared for it to be. Old school heraldic fantasy with magical creatures, family values, etymologically correct swearing, and Goode Olde Fashioned Young Adult finding yourself.

Way more fun than that pack of gum you were going to buy with your dollar. More fun, even, than the four packs of ramen you were eyeing in the grocery store. A googleplex more fun than the skunked-out PBR they offer at your favorite pub on dollar beer night. Possibly more fun than tipping a stripper just enough to make her angry. Though I don’t know. That last one could be pretty entertaining.

I’ve also started a series of short stories centering on the world of Aurian and Jin. There might be a teeny anthology. I haven’t decided yet.

In 2016, be on the lookout for Death Dealer (last book in the Sundering trilogy) and The Apple and the Tree, my novella about magicianhood, water escapes, and alchemical revival in the antebellum South.

I may also. ON THIS VERY BLOG, torture you with an occasional sestina. God, but I love those things.

Righty-ho. What what. Stiff upper lip. Burrhurrhurp. Colonel Mustard. Trafalgar.

Obviously, I’ve said everything I need to say–which is very different, mind you, from saying everything you want to say.

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