The Antidote: Cover Reveal

Oh, man. I had a whole witty and insightful post for today, and instead you get THIS self-promotional bull puckey. I could cry for you. But I won’t: too busy promoting myself. (Don’t worry, you’ll get witty and insightful later on).

The reason we’re interrupting our normal psuedo-intellectual programming is simple: I wanted to show you guys the cover for The Antidote, the Aurian and Jin novelette that’s coming out in less than two weeks (!!!!!) on 4/30/15. Be happy with me. Gush with me. And thank my talented cover artist and designer, known to many as Cissy Russell but to me as Mom, who, when I went off the deep end a wrote a novelette, helped me get ready to release it in record time.



After the death of Morda Bonemaker, Aurian and Jin Koch are left gathering up the pieces of society and sweeping them, as only an innkeeper and his slovenly wife can, under the rug. Though they’ve quelled international disaster a few times already, a new personal disaster is looming–Jin Koch, renegade Bonedancer, retribution dancer, mysterious one-eyed soldier and lowborn pain in the ass, is pregnant.

Now, Aurian and Jin have to seek out the quiet life Aurian’s always wanted–with, hopefully, a bigger and better inn somewhere in it. However, Jin doesn’t know how to do quiet, and Aurian’s more or less forgotten. Can they find happiness in the Gold Band farming village of Pretty-on-Picture? Or will Jin’s history of violence and mayhem destroy even the purest of intentions?

A fun Aurian and Jin short of roughly 70 pages, featuring joyful funeral processions, mobs, putting branches through cows, dammed rivers, villagers burdened by a lack apostrophe placement skills, and, of course, drunks. Availiable 4/30/15 for .99 for Amazon Kindle.

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