HUMOR: Disagreement, The Flowchart

Here is your flowcharted guide to disagreement. In case you needed help disagreeing with somebody. Which, okay, I never do. But you know.

Sadly, I left out the side branch of ‘Why Don’t I Have A Girlfriend? Girls Always Pick Assholes, And I Know This Because They Aren’t Picking Me.’


One thought on “HUMOR: Disagreement, The Flowchart

  1. I think there should be one extra line from ‘nothing said’ to ‘You shake your head and think moron and walk away.’ It doesn’t really solve the problem, but it doesn’t escalate. Of course I’m the sort of person who tries to walk away at any sign of conflict or disagreement and hope it doesn’t chase me down the street and beat me to death. No problems solved there – ever.

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