Cute Paintings of Monsters.

Well, hey there, boys and girls.

I had this whole plan where I elegantly introduced my art and showed you large, high-quality photos, but it looks like the buttfuck combination of WordPress and my tablet aren’t going to allow me to do that. So, as the image quality of my pictures had been summarized, so shall I.

Here are some shitty phone photos, combined into one image because this stupid tablet is apparently such a stone age piece of equipment that it can’t process multiple photos on a freaking page, of my artwork. I’ve been doing monster paintings lately. Some of them (can you even tell here?) are vomiting or bleeding glitter. Because we like it when things vomit or bleed glitter. For the most part, these are 5×7 on cheap canvas panel, with some tiny little canvases (bought at a craft store because AWWW CUTE) for the monster eyes.

That pencil drawing is a HUGE drawing I started a little while ago of Jin. Thought I’d toss it in because some readers might enjoy it. Once I get it a little closer to finished and there’s some shading in there I’ll fight my tablet for a more detailed image, okay?

Again, I’m not like a super talented genius type artist, nor do I do manga characters or watercolors of flowers, so I’m well aware I won’t ever make a living, but hey. Thought you guys might enjoy.

Don’t freak out, you’ll get a writing post either tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I just wanted variety.

The little guy top right is unfinished, but whatever. Glittervom.

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