Writing: The King’s Might

Hay there, honey boo boos.

That’s right, I just collectively referred to you guys as that dumpling-shaped little blonde child on TLC. Now that I have television, I’m picking up pop culture references faster than a hoover picks up dirt on hardwood floors. We’re up to about 2013 in pop culture. Soon I’ll be able to make jokes about current things, like…like…

…well, we’re not there yet. But I have faith.

Anyway. I’m here to make exciting brand-new announcements!

My next novel, The King’s Might, is coming out in a week or so (7/21/15, but don’t quote me on that). It’s a story I’ve had kicking around in my head for ten years or so, and I’m sooper dooper excited to have it all finished up and committed to paper. I’m EVEN MORE EXCITED because…

…it’s gonna be free. Totally free.

I’ll warn you–the fancy paths you have to walk to make an Amazon novel permafree means it might take a while to appear as such on Amazon. But it’ll happen eventually, and it’ll be across the board. I know I’m putting it up on Smashwords and Kobo too, but there might be other places. Why the hell not, right?

Anyway, here’s the cover. Isn’t that an awesome cover? Isn’t that ice stuff cool and serious-looking? The skilled graphic designer behind it, whose identity will remain a mystery (if she doesn’t comment about it on here…HI MOM) has totally outdone herself. I love it.

If the cover doesn’t clue you in, The King’s Might is unrelated to Aurian and Jin…it’s epic fantasy still, don’t worry, but it’s a little more serious, a little more epic, a little more fairy tale and legend. It’s about the importance of knowing who you are, and accepting what you are regardless of how unpopular what you are might be–and, of course, it’s about magic and danger and war and friendship and all that fun slushy stuff. Oh, and putting someone’s eye out with a comb. It’s definitely about putting someone’s eye out with a comb, too.

God, I know how to make things sound good.

Anyay, blurb and cover, go buy it zomg. Wednesday’s post will be the first section, so get excited already.


In the deepest parts of the earth a magician sleeps, dreaming of a deadly white peace.

A young orphan, yellow-haired in a country of dark people, must take on the burden of Kingship, and accept his fate as an unwelcome heir to the Southern throne.

Journey with Jalith Silverhanded, First Prince in the Southern House of Heirs, as he travels the civilized South and the cold and mysterious north in search of his heritage, and a chance to end a war his country was unprepared for. As he travels deeper and deeper into the land of his birth, however, he must ask an important question–which land, North or South, does he belong to?

Before coming into his own Jalith must learn to accept himself for what he is, and discover the secret of The King’s Might.

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