Hi there.

I have a small burrow-room in which I crouch over a computer, brush increasingly greasy strands of hair from my face, and subsist on whatever nutritive substances happen to be at hand. This is called the writing room. I spend most of my time in it on Twitter.

My first novel, the toasty-exciting and questionably contented Aurian and Jin, is available now, so go read it already. It’s a sort-of love story about an innkeeper, a one-eyed ex soldier, and a disembodied talking head with a lovely singing voice. If you enjoy drunken revelry, picking the splinters of a child’s hand loom out of your teeth, and fighting illusory bears, it’s for you. If you don’t enjoy these things, it’s still for you.

If you just CANNOT wait to read something I’ve written, because it’s three PM on a Wednesday and work is just that slow, there’s the whole blog thang here and it has some stories in it.

Here are some ways to contact me that involve limited personal exposure and only moderate amounts of social interaction:

Facebook: Aurian and Jin on Facebook
Twitter: follow me @EmilyFRussell

And, of course, you can always send me an email, for talking to people extra credit, at: efrussel@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Tip for hiding the unweildy-ass link: attach it to a picture (of your cover! Hooray!). When you edit a pic, you can choose to link it to a custom URL. Paste the unweildy link there and write a caption about clicking on the picture to get there. Incidentally, I used the unweildy link to buy your book, so maybe it doesn’t matter. 😉

    1. Shoot! Dan, I’m so lazy. I saw this earlier and totally forgot about it (I’ve been stressing out about publishing lately here). I’ll try and have this up by Friday, and thanks for the nomination and the kind words. You’re stellar. 🙂

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